I am Karl Zöller, BSc Hons(Computer Science) graduate, programmer, technology enthusiast, problem solver and gamer. I grew up in various parts of South Africa, studied in Pretoria, recently moved to Cape Town and working for one of the most epic companies in the world!

Karl Zoller


I have always had an interest in technology. The computer enthusiast jumped out of me in 2004 when I was trying to figure out why a local computer magazine was advertising graphics cards (my mentality at that point was simply “why??”). Since then everything has changed. One look at my study fully equipped with enough computer equipment to heat up a small planet shows that I have started walking the path of the technologically enlightened. This path is of course never ending.

More importantly of course is my passion for programming. I started programming in BASIC (more accurately Liberty BASIC, some sort simple of no-bells and no-whistles implementation). In high school I gained my Delphi experience and by my final year of high school I had gained full and express permission to do whatever I felt like doing in class since I was way ahead of syllabus and so also started dabbling around with C++ at that point. My university career has been coloured with many programming languages with C++ and Java being the most prominent (and my favourite). Some of these other languages include Python, Ruby, PHP, Ada, Fortran, x86 Assembly, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Scheme, Haskell and Prolog – some of these languages having only done a few programs in.

I have a broad interest in many different areas of programming. Broadly speaking I enjoy both the design and engineering of business and database systems as well as other areas such as game programming and mobile development.


  1. hi karl, i like your blog, very informative. but most of all written also for the layman/newbie.
    do u by any chance teach private lessons on, say how to get the best out of the internet etc.


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