Humble Beginnings

In the last post I spoke about the new Minecraft server. Well here is what the guys and girls have been getting up to. It is humble beginnings for the server….mostly 🙂 (click the pics for a bigger preview)

Secret Island Paradise

Secret Island Paradise

Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm

Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

jellymanns' house :)

jellymanns’….um…roofless house 🙂

dburger's place

dburger’s place

Diepruis's luxury lava pools

Diepruis’s luxury lava pools

Setsinaise's mine entrance

Setsinaise’s mine entrance

Setsinaise's mineshaft

Setsinaise’s mineshaft

The great mines of JCM

The great mines of JCM did this get here...

…how did this get here…


  1. Dude that texture pack looks amazing. What’s it called?

    Also, I currently have a wheat farm next to a lava pool that’s under a lighthouse inside a mine. CHAOS IS STRONG.


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