Quick-Tip: Eclipse bookmarks

Here is a nifty little feature in Eclipse. You can bookmark any line of code you deem important by placing your cursor on that line of code and then selecting Edit->Add Bookmark. Nice if you have large source files that takes time to navigate through using the Outline or source files of an unrecognized type that Eclipse gives no help to you at all.



Quick-Tip: Custom YouTube Channel Name

So as I am sure any Youtuber may know, Google bought YouTube a while back and with that came some changes. The most prominent (besides the change to channel layout), is the unending link between YouTube and Google+. No old plain YouTube accounts can be created anymore, but that does not mean it is the end of the world for custom YouTube channel names.

After a bit of experimenting, it is discovered that a Google+ page can itself also have a YoutTube channel (obvious in hindsight). If you make use of your personal Google account, then you can simply create a page in Google+ and “switch accounts” when logged into YouTube. You will be provided with the option to use YouTube as the page instead of yourself and voila. That ends this quick-tip of the day.