openMPI 1.6.4 Experimental Windows Build

So I was browsing the openMPI website the other day on the quest to download the latest version so that I could start off with some of my video tutorials. I was slightly (actually more than slightly) disappointed to see that they are dropping support for Windows entirely since they no longer have anyone to maintain a Windows build. If I had the time I would offer it.

Anyway – I thought I would take a crack at building a windows version of 1.6.4. It required a bit of tweaking – the odd change in the code – but long story short: I got it working. I have made it available for download.

Just a quick reminder: It is an unofficial build. I have not gotten around to figuring out how to run the openMPI tests against it yet. I have tested to see if basic openMPI programs work and there seems to be no problems there. There is also no CCP support in this build.

Depending on how much time I have – I shall release a 64 bit version soon as well.

Quick Tip: Visual Studio 2012 and DirectX

Just a quick tip for all those who may be migrating DirectX projects from Visual Studio 2010 to 2012 either on Windows 7 or by switching to Windows 8. You will get A LOT of compile-time warnings. I found out the reason and the fix here. In short, DirectX is now in the Windows SDK and a separate DirectX SDK conflicts a little. Solution to the warnings is (as given in the link above) to remove the DirectX SDK include, or (if you still using D3DX), to move the include to after the Windows SDK include. Happy Programming.

Humble Beginnings

In the last post I spoke about the new Minecraft server. Well here is what the guys and girls have been getting up to. It is humble beginnings for the server….mostly 🙂 (click the pics for a bigger preview)

Secret Island Paradise

Secret Island Paradise

Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm

Cave Spider Spawner XP Farm

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

jellymanns' house :)

jellymanns’….um…roofless house 🙂

dburger's place

dburger’s place

Diepruis's luxury lava pools

Diepruis’s luxury lava pools

Setsinaise's mine entrance

Setsinaise’s mine entrance

Setsinaise's mineshaft

Setsinaise’s mineshaft

The great mines of JCM

The great mines of JCM did this get here...

…how did this get here…