New Year, New Possibilities

It has been a while since my last post. Surprisingly I have had a fairly busy holiday. Been working on a project that I am keeping low-key for now. My web-design skills (or lack thereof) got some practice these past few weeks as I have developed a website for my parent’s business (see In the process I decided to play around a little with Microsoft Silverlight. I already had a little bit of experience with it from the perspective of Windows Phone 7 – but never developed a application from scratch with it. The results can also be seen on the website mentioned above (see Spec Query page).

This year (Happy New Year!) has the potential to become quite busy. I have already got queries from students asking when the weekend programming classes I give will be starting again (when they do, be sure to check back for some tutorials and challenges). I also have mentor duties this year at the university which should be interesting.

This is all of course happening over and above my honours studies. I am planning to choose an interesting and challenging syllabus made up of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Distributed Computing and Generic Programming. Can’t wait to start :-).